Leaving You’re Vibrations Where Ever You Go

When you go about your daily routine and travels, try you’re best to be in joy, acceptance or peace. The importance of this lies in the fact that that you prime yourself to be in a similar state the next time you perform that activity or you are in that place. You leave your vibrations where ever you go. So the next time you are in that place, your spirit picks up the feelings and vibrations you were holding the last time you were in that area.
For example, let’s say you pray or meditate on your commute to work every morning, and this practice gives you a sense of peace and some inner joy. You are lining that route with those vibrations of joy and calm. So, even if there is an occasion where you are travelling that route, for any reason, and you are not in prayer or in meditation, you will automatically begin to feel a sense of peace or calm, the same feelings you have when you are praying on that route.
This is why it is so important to be in joy or calm where ever you go. So you can leave these vibrations in that spot so it’s there for you the next time you come through. If you do this in enough places around your life, it will be much easier to get into a state of calm and peace where ever you go. Surrounding yourself in this state will uplift you, open new doors in your life, and lead to an increased sense of fulfillment.

Driving to Enlightenment

At some point, most of us have been caught in a traffic jam.  Either as the driver or a passenger.  This usually causes some form of anxiety to arise.  We become restless, just wishing the road ahead would clear so we can speed along and reach our intended destination on time.

Traffic jams are actually an excellent opportunity to create some peace and calm within yourself.  I have found that it has become and isolated time for me to get my meditation in and to practice being completely present in the moment.  The easiest way for me to get into this zone is by simply staring into the horizon.  After a few seconds of doing this, I begin to notice how beautiful the horizon, sky and clouds look.  It doesn’t matter what type of weather it is, it always looks beautiful.  A overcast sky with different shades of clouds can look very soothing. This process becomes the gateway through which I develop a sense of awe and understanding of my place in that moment.  That I am just a speck in this great universe.  That the world just goes on and on, and that you cannot see an end to the horizon ahead.  This understanding creates appreciation of your place in the universe and the fact that there is something greater out there.  Something more powerful, something intelligent.  The beauty of nature takes hold within you and you begin to feel an inner connection to the sky and clouds in front of you.  Here you are scurrying along trying to get to work on time, and you realize in the grand scheme of things, there is something much greater than this tiny anxious world you’ve created in your mind.  This simple realization alone will trigger calm within yourself.

So the next time your stuck in traffic, try this trick.  It may just open a door you never realized you had.

Feeling Bubbles

I once heard a story about how all our feelings come from bubbles. Sounds strange, I know, but bear with me for a few paragraphs…..thinking this way has greatly helped me deal with negative emotions and situations as they arise.

In any given scenario, we are always connected to a feeling bubble. Feeling bubbles are invisible bubbles which float close by, and each feeling bubble contains it’s own feeling type.

If we are feeling happy, we are connected to a bubble with happy feelings. If we are angry we are connected to a bubble containing feelings of anger. While connected, we are also contributing to the bubble making it bigger and stronger. This applies to all our feelings. If we are in rage, we are connected to an intense anger bubble and we contribute to the rage bubble inflating it exponentially. The stronger we hold a particular feeling, the the larger and more intense the bubble becomes.

The value in this is that we can connect to any bubble, at any time, in any given situation. So, let’s just say you have had an intense argument with your partner and you’re feeling miserable and angry. You are currently tapped into the angry bubble and possibly a few other feeling bubbles at the same time i.e. hurt, sadness, regret, etc…
In this situation, all you would need to do is remember that there are happy, calm, peaceful bubbles all around you. The next step would be to connect to one of these positive feeling bubbles. Visualize this connection as clearly as possible and watch how this begins to change your mood. Watch how you begin to feel better. Visualize the flow of positive feelings from the bubble, into you’re body, and then going back to the bubble. You and the bubble become a closed circuit so to speak where there is a continuous flow of the positive feeling between you and the bubble. That feeling bubble will begin to get bigger, stronger and more intense.

With practice, this process will become easier. Connecting to the positive feeling bubble will become easier, disconnecting from the negative feeling bubble will become easier. You will be able to transition from negative to positive
feeling bubbles more naturally and with less force. The negative feeling bubbles will also become smaller and less intense.
Most importantly you will begin to understand that you have the ability to control you’re emotions, at anytime, in any situation. That, with your intent, you can connect to a positive feeling bubble at any time. You will realize that you control you’re feelings and you’re feelings do not control you.

Another important aspect about contributing to the bubbles is that the more you feed a particular feeling bubble the bigger that bubble becomes and the less room there is for other bubbles. The other bubbles would have to be very small to fit into your vicinity since the larger bubble is taking up most of you’re personal space. You begin carrying that larger bubble closer to you and seem to always be connected to it. You are connected to it more frequently than any other bubble and, just as you feed the bubble, it begins to feed you as well. It begins to influence and affect your life. For example always being connected to a hate bubble will strengthen that bubble. The more hate you feel the more you are intensifying that bubble so that it becomes bigger and you become more strongly connected to it. It will also feed hate back you you. Therefore, you will be living in a hateful state more often and creating more hateful situations in your life.
On the opposite side, the same applies to feelings of love. If you are frequently connected to a love bubble, the stronger that bubble will become. It will grow bigger and displace the other feeling bubbles around you, so the most predominant feeling you will have is love. It will also feed love back to you so you are in a loving state more often and therefore will create more loving situations in your life.

Ultimately, how you feel, will dominate what happens in your life. Your feelings create your situations. You’re situations create your life.
So, which bubble do you want to stay connected too?

Jasminder Singh Riar

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The Secret to Happiness

The title of this article sounds cliche I’m sure. The secret to happiness is a topic that has long been written about many times over. Regardless, I am a firm believer that you can’t get enough of a good spiritual thing. So the more material there is out there on this topic the better.

Simply put, the secret for eternal peace and happiness comes in serving and loving our fellow human beings. It comes in the realization that we are in fact all one, and not separate. That we should do unto others as you would want done unto yourself.

In thinking and acting this way we reconnect to our true nature, which is that we are spiritual beings.
As spiritual beings, we are made of complete and unconditional love. Aligning our human selves with this love, simply by loving each other, opens our consciousness to the spirit world and allows joy and peace to enter into this world. The more we love and serve each other, the more peace and joy we will feel. This is when the world will begin to transcend into a more loving and spiritual state.

This begs the question “How do we show love to our fellow humans?” The best way is to love and forgive yourself first. Only then will it feel natural to love others without conditions or expectations. How can you truly love others, if you cannot love yourself first? If you cannot see your own infinite worth to the universe? Learning how to let go of guilt, low self esteem, or any issues holding you back will put you on this path. Loving yourself means treating yourself with kindness, understanding, compassion and care. It means believing with every singe part of your being that you are a spiritual being having a human experience and our mistakes are only here to make us deeper spirits. Once you see you’re worth, that you are a beautiful child of this universe, loved and valued infinitely, the abundance of the universe will be bestowed on you. You will begin feeling a truly loving connection to others that fills you up to overflowing with joy. The universe only wants to encourage this and will provide you with everything you could possibly need to keep it going.

Even if you, at this point, are unsure what I it means to love yourself, any action of love to others will have its own deep satisfaction. The universe gives back what it is given. If you give compassion, love and understanding, you will also receive these gifts. The more you give, the more will be returned exponentially to you.

To love others is not a complicated act. The universe has made it easy to love so that we can show it as much as possible. It consists of the very many small and big acts of kindness that are performed by so many of us every single day. Simply saying “Hi” to a passing stranger is an example. Helping someone who has dropped something, helping the elderly, holding the door open for someone…these are all acts of kindness which has in it a vibration of love for our fellow human.

When we one day leave our bodies and pass over to the other side it is only these types of actions and thoughts that will show how much our spirit has grown. How much love we’ve shown to others during our lifetime will be the only thing that matters. Not how popular we became, how much money we collected, or how influential we became. In the spirit world none of that matters. When it comes to these things we are all equal. Only those who have shown the most love shine brighter over there. A homeless man who performs selfless acts of love every day is more rich and helpful in this life than the richest man who does nothing. That homeless man is the glowing angel.

Many are of the opinion that money is the secret to happiness. That if we only had an endless supply or a certain amount of money, we would be eternally grateful.

Money is a manmade system, not spirit made. It will only buy the materialistic. Being man made and controlled by a few men, it is flawed. Money has no value to our true spirit. If we are able to recognize and feel this , we will no longer rely on money to give us happines. We will recognize its limits. We will be happy simply by being alive and present in the moment.

We forget that anything we could ever want is always there for us. We simply have to stay connected to our spirit and be in full knowing that the universe will provide all we need to fulfill our mission in this life. Permanent joy, happiness and peace are derived from the spiritual plane and can’t be bought. Deriving happiness comes through how in tune we are to our true spirit self and nature, not how much we have in the bank account. This can be achieved through actions that fill our soul. Most importantly through learning to love and serve humanity. This happiness will be far more deep, whole and fulfilling than anything money can buy.

Jasminder Singh Riar

Spiritual Moments

I would like to begin this piece by noting that what I am writing about is the resulting experience of the practical application of Eckhart Tolle’s teachings.  Furthermore, in it’s application, there have been other insights which arose and which I also share.  Every individual’s experience is unique when pursuing the spiritual path, writing or expressing it can always bring value to those around you.

Whether you may recognize it or not, you have had a spiritual moment, or moments, in your life.  I am not referring to a full or grand spiritual experience, where you become overwhelmed by the unconditional love that surrounds us all, or where you have been given a very clear sign of what direction you should take in your life or in a particular situation.  Spiritual moments are smaller, more brief time spans where you suddenly feel calm, relaxed, where there is less mind chatter and you feel a little freer.  It can be very simple and does not have to be an immediately life altering experience.  If pursued, spiritual moments can lead to progressively deeper spiritual experiences and the exhilaration that comes along with it.

A spiritual moment can happen at any time and in any number of different ways.  Perhaps you were in traffic driving home and not thinking of anything in particular.  You could be at the gym working out and extremely focused during your set.  Maybe you were in a very intense moment like rock climbing where your life is literally on the line and requires your 100% focus and attention.  You could have been watching TV, feeling very tired so you just stopped thinking.  A spiritual moment is essentially a moment where you are living completely in the moment, and where the clutter in your mind clears up, even if it is just for a second.

The ultimate goal is to recognize it, remember it and eventually try to recreate it.  But you may be asking, “Why?”,  “What’s the point?”.  The answer is in what you felt during your spiritual moment.  Did it not feel good?  If you think carefully about it, would you not say that for those few moments, you had no care or concerns?  The fact is, when you had your spiritual moment, you were calm.  Serenity found its way into your life.  Perhaps even in the slightest amount.  It felt good.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have that more often, or even permanently?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to reduce or eliminate the amount of our worry, stress, tension, anxiety about our past or future?  Our true natural state is serenity.  It’s how we are supposed to be, it’s where we came from and its what we are supposed to bring into our life here.  Once this is accomplished, it then becomes what we bring into the life of others.  Not by doing anything in particular, but simply by just being a person who is living completely in the present.

As children, we spent all our time living in the moment.  It was only when we grew older that we learned to live in regret about the past and worry about the future.  The expectations we gradually developed for ourselves were formed mostly based on worldly and materialistic goals, not spiritual ones.  We began choking our true passions just so we could make a buck, finding jobs that did nothing for our spirit.  We developed expectations that had nothing to do with getting in touch with our true natural state, but rather to prioritize materialistic ambition.  We became lost.

The questions then becomes:  How do we live more in the present moment?

I will share what has worked for me, and has put me on this path.

Since much of our tension and worry arises in the mind, it is important to have more control over our thoughts.  Give yourself time each day, perhaps even only 5 minutes initially, to allow yourself to become the watcher of your thoughts, the observer.  Become separate from your thinking, and as the images of your thoughts arise and appear in your mind, become the being who is watching these thoughts.  Do not resist any thought, let the thoughts come.  As you continue to observe you will find that the thoughts themselves become less intense.  The thought slowly dissolves and become less and less real or concrete.  Any emotions that are triggered by any thought also becomes less intense. This is because you are no longer your thoughts, you are simply an observer of your thoughts.  BEING our thoughts is where the emotional discord arises.  This is the moment where we actually believe we are what we are thinking.  But when we separate ourselves from our thoughts, we are no longer controlled by them.  We become less reactive to any thought which may arise.  Thinking that we are our thoughts is a position in which most of us have lived most of our lives.  It is the primary method and direct physical cause for which we become stressed, anxious and worried.  When you are the observer of your thoughts, you are no longer capable of being in any of these states, it becomes impossible.

With enough time and an enough practice, you will start feeling an increased sense of calm.  At first you may only get glimpses of it, but over time this feeling will begin to last longer.  It will be a similar sense of calm you felt during your initial spiritual moments, when you were doing whatever it was you were doing at that time, i.e.  watching TV, driving home, etc.…  The difference is that you will no longer have to do those activities to feel this way.  If you relied on those methods for peace, but it was not practical, you now have another way.  A method that can be done anytime and anywhere.

With continued practice, you will find that your moments of calm will turn into feelings of bliss and tranquility and eventually, a constant feeling of divine love.  As you grow and improve your ability to control your thoughts, you will become very much in tune with your own internal compass and it will begin to direct you.  It will direct you, very naturally, to your own life purpose.  Finding one’s life purpose is an issue that many struggle with, but what I’ve presented here can be your ticket to discovering it.

So simple yet so powerful.  I challenge you to give it a try, practice it so you can see for yourself.

The Love of Family

I came home today to find my wife speaking sternly with my 1.5 year old son because of something he did that was putting him in danger of getting hurt. I had just stepped inside the door when this was happening and no one saw that I had arrived. I let the entire sequence play out before announcing I was home.
I did so because as I overheard my wife speaking, a sudden wave of gratitude and thankfulness caught me at that moment. I felt blessed to have a wife who looks after our entire family and household and who never asks for anything in return. She gives, gives, gives unconditionally all the time. I’m starting to find that her face glows brighter and brighter with each passing year and I’m certain it’s because of her giving nature.
I also felt blessed that I had a family…a unit of souls who chose to be with each other to fulfill some divine unknown purpose. Through the course of our lives we are going to interact and influence, intentionally or not and for better or for worse, an unknown number of people who will cross our paths.
I felt, truly, and for the first time, that I had been given a gift. The gift of two children, who are still young enough to be constantly bringing purity and joy into our lives, and my wife whose only desire is to make sure we are all safe happy and, of course, fed. It doesn’t get much more divine than that. At least not for me.
If you are in a family with a similar situation, be it the family you helped start, or the one you were raised in, don’t be blind to this fact. Recognize, if you haven’t already, how blessed and lucky you really are. For you are being loved in the way we are all meant to be loved, unconditionally and without judgement.

Teaching the Next Generation to Love

Parents have a precious opportunity in raising the next generation. For instilling love, compassion, and care in our children. The best thing we can do is make our children blind to colour, race and creed. The best thing we can do is make them see everyone as one. To teach them to love all. That no one in the world is better than they are and they are not superior to any one else. That at the core of our humanity we are all the same. We are unconditionally loved and, once fully realized we are capable of spreading this unconditional love to everyone we meet. Even a glance can convey such a message. This love is not expressed so much through our actions but through our vibrations, our aura. All we have to do is unconditionally love our children and they will learn to love others in the same way. Show them what it means, bring that love to your being. Be that love.
If parents all over the world to practice this, it will only take one generation to to dissipate so much hate, division, cruelty and suffering on our planet. What more can we ask for?

Loving in the Face Of Hate

As I was walking by myself today, I passed by a mother who was standing with her two daughters. The youngest, who was probably around 5 years old, was skipping and singing with the wonderful joy that only a 5 year old has. She very much reminded me of my daughter, who is almost 5 herself. So I immediately felt a sensitivity to this little girl.

After I passed them, she started singing in a made up language that she thought sounded like an Indian language. It was in response to my appearance but I’m not sure how much of it, if any, was to actually mock or insult me.

Her mother and older sister were beside themselves. They apologized and couldn’t believe that just happened. My response was to just turn around, smile, and say “It’s alright”. I felt a tremendous amount of compassion at that moment and I instinctively tried to infuse as much love as possible behind my reply. It just felt like the right thing to do.

Having not been in this situation for so long I never really gave any thought towards how I should respond if something like this happened. In reflection I wish I had said something to the child. I wish I had something prepared in my head to show that I have nothing but good will to her and to anyone who did the same thing.

As a very visible minority, I felt like a response should always be at the ready. Not so much about what exactly should be said, but a response that sends feelings of unconditional forgiving and love. I personally believe this will ultimately be the only way hate is broken, replaced, and when acceptance begins. When my neighbor knows that I will help them, I will hurt for them and I will die for them.

The way I see it, I have been given a wonderful opportunity to show others that I am no different than they are. My appearance alone provokes these opportunity to arise. Simply the way I look, being who I am, has the potential to destroy barriers and that is a powerful fact.

Had I given an aggressive response to her, this little girl’s future behaviour may have changed, but her heart wouldn’t have. It may have even hardened or become bitter. The only way to open a heart, especially a child’s, is through love, compassion and understanding. There is no other way. The state of a persons heart is ultimately the only thing that matters in this world and what will change lives.

I honestly don’t remember the last time an incident like this happened to me. It’s been years and for that I feel grateful. Regardless, life will happen again, and I feel good knowing that next time I will be better prepared.

Love to all.

Love and Joy from Family

One of the best feelings in the world, is the feeling you get when you hug family. When you hug your partner, children, mother, father and siblings. That joy, warmth, stillness, and feeling of immediate connectedness is hard to come by in almost anything else. We connect because we share the same blood. It is this handful of people that are the first to truly and unconditionally love you. When we put down our judgements, egos, annoyances, and petty differences to allow ourselves to connect, and when we work to lift each other up at home, the amount of joy and fulfillment comes from realizing that the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. It is the first step to understanding that the same connection can exist with others who we do not share the same blood with. This realization will open doors for you for the rest of your life.

Watching My Children Grow

I try to be as concious as possible about my children’s everyday growth and change in behaviour and what they say and do. To see how much they have changed from one day to the next. I always try to remember how different they are today than they were a year ago. How much have they learned, what’s going through their innocent little minds that wasn’t in their head yesterday. These moments are the most precious I’ve ever had in my life. My children have opened up a whole new world for me, one that almost feels spiritual. The birth of a child into a family brings a connection to life and the universe that no other way can. The presence of a being who is not tainted, who’s egos are exposed and bare, who love unconditionally without reason as long as you are there. They are our guides to becoming better human beings. They are aware of our energy and respond accordingly. The more you love unconditionally the more they will love unconditionally, and you will see it. They will show it to you, they will make it obvious. Enjoy every single moment with your children, be as aware as possible of their growth. These moments are fleeting and we must absorb every single moment of innocent they show. It is healing and purifying. Only very rarely will you get this from another human in their adult life stage. Children are natural conduits to a world without conceit and hate. The more you realize that around your own children the more you will resonate with your own purpose, and the doors to personal fulfillment will open that much more. These are the best years of my life.