Living in Awe and Wonder

I don’t want science to figure everything out.
I want wonder, I want questions for which there is no answer. I want to be unable to explain miracles. I want miracles to be miracles and only that. That there are answers that are bigger than what our mind can figure out. Questions that we will never figure out. Phenomena which are so grand that we simply live in its awe and beauty and we have no inclinations to reduce it to our thinking. Beauty, true beauty, exists there. Beauty, from which our best feelings in life are derived, cannot be processed by our minds, but only our hearts. When have you ever been able to satisfactorily explain in words, that which has touched you beyond measure? Never, never is the correct answer. There are no words for such feelings. It can only exist as feelings. It is beyond our mind, but only in our hearts. Once we know this much, we will know much, and it is all we will ever need to know.

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