Developing Your Awareness

What is awareness? It is you but not you. If you have one side of you that is suffering, it is the part of you that is not suffering. Awareness is the part of you that is watching that suffering. Therefore, there are 2 sides to you. The part that is experiencing emotion, and the part that is aware of the emotion. Why is this significant. Why is it important to know that there exists 2 sides to our being while we are here on this earth? It is because only 1 side is real and the other is not. The side that is real is our awareness. It is the side that is the watcher of our feelings, the side that is unaffected by emotions.

Is this not a relief? If you are suffering emotionally, is not this realization revolutionary? It is the part of you that is NOT suffering. The part of you that is not experiencing hate, anger, anxiety, jealousy, sadness, depression. It is the side of you that is wise and only at peace. Where there is no emotional opposites of happiness and sadness but rather a constant sense of well being.

Ultimately, life will lead us to this domain. It will have us searching and longing for no more emotional ups and downs, only a constant feeling of well being. We will ask how, how can we just live in peace? What does it take? How do we get there? Then you will feel the answer. The answer is to pay attention to the being who is always just peering over your shoulder but you have been blocking. How have you been blocking peace? By chasing desire. By trying to live in an artificial society. A society who’s standards are materialistic. Who commands that we chase money, that we try to appease corporations and our senses. This is the wrong path, but also the right path. I confusing you yet? How is the right path? Because it will push you to search for more. When you finally see the futility in chasing the material, desire, lust and substances you will know that there is only one way out. That way is to bring your awareness to the forefront. To know that the real you is always looking at the ego you. The ego you is the one that is suffering. That one that experiences a full range of emotions. The real you is loving you, and everything that you are going through. It is caressing you, teaching you, allowing you. It is allowing you to be, to make your choices…knowing that you are growing and that the ultimate goal of self love is right around the corner.

As you strengthen your awareness, that will soon become all you want. All you will want is to live in awareness of all your doing. Why? It is because you will have realized that becoming aware of all your emotions reduces its intensity. All the negative feelings will reduce, dissolve, go away. All the emotions that are non ego and true in life will remain. You will find love will stay, compassion will stay, generosity, kindness will stay. Sitting with these feelings long enough will give peace. Peace is the culmination of every God-pure emotion existing within you at once. From this peace will spring forth kindness and compassion. You will emanate it. All those around you will feel it without you even having to say a word. This will lead to your purpose in life. Your purpose will show itself and nothing else will matter more to you than to live in a constant state of your purpose. From here you will be on your path towards enlightenment. Nirvana will be around the corner, a corner which you will soon turn. Once you do you will embrace your true self. Your aware self.

Jasminder Singh Riar

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