The Sanctity of Breathing and Prayer

It has long been known among spiritualists that focused breathing opens the doorway to our essence and true being. If focused enough, you will feel peace and love flowing through you. It is in this state that if you choose to pray, you’re prayer will at it’s most powerful. It is in this state that your prayer is not just words but also a feeling. You will be sending your prayer in the form of feelings into the universe. The universe responds accordingly to the clarity of our true thoughts and feelings.

Try your best to make all prayers from this state.  If you do so, it is offered in its clearest form. You will be giving the necessary fuel for your prayer to take it to the next level. Prayer in and of itself, from a scattered or desperate mind can work. The intensity of the prayer can be the fuel, but a calmed, silent praying mind is of a higher octane so to speak.

Also, in a state of relaxed breathing you receive the truth of your prayer. You will know if you truly want to make that prayer or not, whether its necessary. If it’s a selfish prayer you may realize that it is not necessary and that in fact everything is ok and will be ok. If it is a prayer for others , the mental clarity will arrive on how to phrase the prayer that makes it truly represent your feeling. Innately you will feel like you have made the most of your prayer.

Intense silent prayer is one of the most powerful ways to communicate and ask from the universe. With continued practice the harmony of your interaction with God will increase. You will synchronize your soul to the abundance of the universe. Prayers will be answered to the point that you will never need to ask for anything again.

Jasminder Singh Riar

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