Spiritual Growth in the Workplace

Many of us spend a good portion of our day in the workplace, where we are regularly interacting with co-workers, clients, customers, patients, students etc.. These are people who we are not exceptionally close to but have some level of relationship with. We can also be tested by these individuals. They can challenge our patience, our goodwill or make use feel negative in some fashion. Maybe we feel betrayed, or feel like a situation has become unfair.

For those who are looking to develop spiritually, the workplace presents every opportunity to grow. It becomes a laboratory or testing ground. We can change our usual tactics and reactions to various circumstances and see what happens. For example, where we would normally respond with anger or irritability we can instead try rising above the situation by showing understanding, compassion or kindness.

Then we can see what happens, see how we feel when the situation plays out. If you find that you are more calm, less irritated, or that your anger is not “sticking” with you, then you will have found a new route that you can choose should a similar situation arise in the future.

When we go to work, most of our focus becomes on performing the job itself rather than the quality of the interactions we have with others. In some cases how we treat our coworkers is secondary to performing the job. As long as we get our job done and the bosses are happy then that’s all that matters even if we have to mistreat a few people to get there. The job becomes more important than how we treat our colleagues.

But, what if we went to work with a different mindset, where our goal was to treat all those in our workplace with compassion and understanding. How do you think this would affect you? How do you think it would affect your performance? More importantly, how do you think it would affect others? If this is a path you have not tried before then why not try? If it benefits you and others then would it not be worth it?

When you begin this practice you will feel less lingering irritation and an increased sense of peace. The positive outcomes will far outgrow the negative. Your performance will improve. You will gain a natural respect from others. With continued practice, your job will feel like a natural and enjoyable place to be. You will be benefitting others and thereby benefitting from your own actions. Reverse the priorities and you will find that all levels of your performance will improve. This will lead to opportunities you most likely never thought possible.

Jasminder Singh Riar

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