Don’t Think, Just Be

Dont think, just be. Thinking is separation, being is oneness. Thinking is anxiety, sadness depression, worry. Being is calm, peace, love and joy. Let it go. Whatever thoughts are in your mind let it go. You are beyond thought, you are being and nothing else.

As humans, we are only meant to just be and to realize that that is all we are here to do. Simply focusing on that fact will bring God into this world. You are the doorway to bring Heaven to earth, the door just needs to be opened. Once the door opens, even just a little bit or for a little while, then you will know, then you will feel. You will know what steps you are supposed to take in this life. You will feel guidance being given to you from a different dimension. All of your life will make sense, you will have direction, you will feel a purpose. You will realize that all you needed to do was appreciate your existence to achieve everything you ever needed.

Our physical brains were never designed to understand the true reality. We where only meant to exist and to learn to recognize that fact. The less we speak from a point of knowing the better. The more we realize how much we do not know the better. Try it an realize it for yourself. Focusing on your existence in this exact moment will stop your incessant stream of thinking. Give up on trying to figure everything out. Just be in the moment and grasp onto the fact that you simply exist and how this is a wonderful fact.

See how this effects you. See how your breathing slows, it becomes deeper. How suddenly there is less weight in your emotions and a release of much of what you thought was serious in this life. Practice this. See how much you improve over time.

The better you get at focusing on the simple fact that you exist the more fulfillment you will feel in this life. The more you will understand that permanent peace of mind is about simplicity, not complexity, that joy is here and now, and not in some distant future.

Jasminder Singh Riar

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