The Benefit of Conscious Breathing

Focusing on your breathing is a simple, easy and powerful way to keep calm. Keeping genuinely calm is a powerful way to be healthy….mentally, physically and emotionally.

Since breathing happens automatically, we do not pay attention to it. We do not recognize the fact that we are capable of regulating and controlling it at any given moment. Most of us only see it as necessary to live, when in reality it can serve a much more grand purpose. It is, in fact, one doorway to peacelful and joyful living.

With this being the case, should we not enhance the practice of the very act that keeps us alive? Does it not make sense that tuning into what keeps us alive must also be the very path to finding out who we truly are? Should we not incorporate healthy breathing into our life rather than continuing with the short anxiety ridden breathes we take throughout our day?

A healthy breath is long and protracted. The body benefits from slower and deeper breathing rather than faster and shallow breathing. If you can simply train your body to breath in such a manner, every part of you will remain more calm.

Deep breathing is a slower course of breathing. The amount of times your lungs expand and contract in a certain period of time is often related to how tense you are feeling. Shallow short breaths means more tense, deeper and longer breaths means more calm.

Experiment with this. Notice your breathing during an intense moment at work, where you are trying to get as many things done as possible or doing many things at the same time.
Notice your breath.
Notice how shallow it is. Notice how it is about half way to a full blown panic attack. Once you catch it you can control it. Immediately start making sure that your breath becomes deeper. See how this causes the tension and stress in your mind and body to dissipate. It is upto you how much you would like the feeling of well being to improve in that moment. The longer you’re awareness and attention is placed on your breathing the more stress you will be relieving. The less attention you pay to this the less amount of stress you will be releasing.

Ultimately, the goal is to make your body automatically go into conscious breathing mode during the most unlikely moments of your day. Especially at the seemingly most intense and stressful moments. Breath, let your body relax and then see how you feel about the situation. See that although the task at hand is important, it is no longer consuming you. You are no longer the task but rather the one dealing with the task. You have control over it and it does not control you.

Making sure that each breath is as deep as possible will remove most of the daily feelings of stress in your life. It will be replaced with a lighter feeling, a feeling in which this moment does not dictate whether you live or die, but rather whether you are enjoying life as it comes or not.

Jasminder Singh Riar



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