You Are Always Forgiven

The nature of the mind is to think. Much of what our mind thinks about is other people. Family members, friends and aquaintances. We are always thinking of others, but how much do we think of ourselves?

Although we tend to deeply think about others, we tend to not deeply think about ourselves. We avoid thinking about ourselves because we are afraid to think about what we’ve said or done that has caused harm to others. In the deepest parts of our psyche we do not believe we can reconcile this. That there is no way out, that what is done is done and we are guilty until death. If we think deeply about ourselves we will be thinking of parts of ourself that we dont like, or worse yet, that we hate. In essence we do not forgive oursleves.

To some extent we live in a constant state of doubt or regret. Regret is poisonous in that it can prevent us from growing into full and complete beings.
If we knew who we really were, where we came from and what we are made of then hate for oursleves would never exist. If we knew that we were always unconditionally loved, by God, then we would hold no ill will to ourselves. We would see that we are infinite beings with infinite potential, who are one with everything around us including God.

A common roadblock to spiritual growth is not seeing our value. Know that regardless of what you have said or done, in this life, you are forgiven. Once you pass from this world, and you see your life story, the only being that will be judging you is you. God will be with you as well but He will be all forgiving. He will love you for the simple fact that you exist. All that you’ve been through on this earth, on this plane of existence will be seen through the eyes of unconditional forgiveness. You are always forgiven.

If God forgives you, then why would you not forgive yourself. If God sees you as worthy then why would you not see yourself worthy? We are extensions of God like a ray of sunlight is an extension of the sun. A ray of sunlight is just that, and it does not ever feel alone or isolated or confused. It just exists and is always connected to the Sun. So should we be. We should just exist as an extension of God. We are not alone, we need not be confused or feel alone. Our purpose is there already…to exist as an extension of God. To exist in this state is to exude love, kindness, and compassion. To heal with our presence by bringing the light of love to this world.

Love can only be brought to this world if we love ourself first and loving ourself means forgiving yourself unconditionally. The more you can love yourself the more you can love others. Once you achieve this, you will have achieved your purpose and there will be no doubt in it.

Jasminder Singh Riar

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