Always There With You 

One of the greatest human misconceptions is that in the death of a loved one, we lose that person forever. 
This person is not lost, but in fact closer to you now than they ever where. It is only In spirit form that a soul is able to combine with our soul, which is the most powerful way to lift us up.

This is not to say that we should not grieve. Everyone must go through the process of grieving. It is cathartic and healing, but in order truly help ourselves, when we are able, it would be in our favor to allow ourselves to start believing that the loved one is still with us. We can do this by becoming more aware of our grief rather than becoming consumed by grief. Using the power of awareness to simply watch our grief is the single most powerful way to commute the pain of grieving into a path that allows us to feel the presence of our departed loved one all the time. This in itself is healing and can allow us to make sense of physical death.

In reality, this person is now closer to you than ever before. It is only in the spirit form that a soul can easily love unconditionally. Therefore this person is loving you non-stop with an unconditional love that is so divine in nature, that it can only be brought from God’s realm. The way to feel this is to clear our minds from emotional turmoil and chatter. Once this is done you WILL feel the divine presence of the loved one.

The single biggest impediment to feeling this healing love is being consumed by emotions that keeps our minds clogged. When we don’t try to clear this path, we have a difficult time keeping in touch with the person we miss so much. Once a mind let’s go of emotional or mental burden, it will become a receiver of the love and goodwill being sent to us from our loved one.

So never believe your loved one is gone. They are always there, showering you with love and healing vibrations. We just need to clear our minds and allow their presence in our life.

Jasminder Singh Riar
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