Super Moments

Staring into your child’s eyes, sitting on an outcrop overlooking a brightly coloured forest, letting a beautiful flower catch your eye, hearing the soothing voice of someone you love, staring at the stars, laughing so hard that you feel like your going to explode, feeling blessed and grateful for so much in your life, listening to music which moves you unlike anything else in your life.
These are all what I call super moments. The best moments of your life which bring feelings that you cannot describe in words. That to do so would be diminishing or making less the spectacular feeling of the moment.
The only way you can truly feel this moment is by absorbing it, to allow the beauty that is this moment to sit inside of you. Focus on the feeling and allow yourself to feel it more. The more awareness you bring to it the more you will be allowing yourself to feel joy.
The reason you cannot describe a super moment is because you are not meant too. There are actually no proper words that can describe these moments. It is because the super moment is not meant to be described, it is only meant to be felt. It is at the level of feeling where the power of these moments reveals itself. It is during these moments our conscious vibration rises to a level that is one with our spirit, where there are no words, no thinking, no fragmentation of the mind. It is just the present moment and the beauty which you are feeling in this moment.
These moments are doors to our higher selves. The super moment is here to teach us that this is who we truly are and this is how it feels to exist in our spiritual form. Only our thoughts bring us back to our so called reality. Where we suddenly let thinking and worrying, of plans, errands, duties, the future, the past, snap us out of our blissful super moment.
These moments are here to remind us that we are not our thinking minds. We are not worry, tension, stress, frustration, anger. That we are what we feel during our super moment. Once we truly feel, know and practice it, we will become it, permanently.
Our souls are destined for it.

Jasminder Singh Riar

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