Finding Your Spiritual Path

When you do something that gives you a sense of calm and peace, it is an access point to your true spirit.

Whether it be an activity like working out, listening to music, focused breathing, or meditating, whatever it is that brings you a sense of calm and peace is your path to a more spiritual existence.

But why would you want to become more spiritual? What’s the point in connecting to that side of our life? It is because that is who we truly are. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We have only become lost in It. We are here to try to reconnect, build our faith and find our way back to our spirit soul.

For as long as we do not do this, we will always feel something is missing. That to a certain extent we are empty, knowing that there is something greater in life. The only way to fill that void is to become permanently connected to our spiritual side. To become connected is to know that we are made of love and that we are always in God’s embrace. Having this knowledge flow through every part of our being will make us whole again. It is our duty to discover this.

But God has given us free will. To live our life as we choose. As such, many people find other ways to fulfill this void. They may form an addiction to a substance or an activity. They may become controlling believing that control in one’s life will reduce our sense of fear of the unknown. Living outside of faith creates fear and fear based living can cause us to hurt others and ourselves.

Eventually, after enough exposure to pain and negative consequences of our actions, we pray. We scream to God, whether we believe in God or not, because we have no where else to turn. He becomes our last hope. Then with a sincere enough effort, our life turns towards him. We finally have allowed God back in our life. We have cracked the door open, even ever so slightly, to allow His spirit to enter. We begin to understand that the only way through this existence, to be able to feel peace and love in our world, is by keeping our soul and body constantly in tune with His Love and energy.

Once we begin to do this we will become automatically aligned and redirected to our life purpose and we will find permanent joy.

Jasminder Singh Riar
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