Leaving You’re Vibrations Where Ever You Go

When you go about your daily routine and travels, try you’re best to be in joy, acceptance or peace. The importance of this lies in the fact that that you prime yourself to be in a similar state the next time you perform that activity or you are in that place. You leave your vibrations where ever you go. So the next time you are in that place, your spirit picks up the feelings and vibrations you were holding the last time you were in that area.
For example, let’s say you pray or meditate on your commute to work every morning, and this practice gives you a sense of peace and some inner joy. You are lining that route with those vibrations of joy and calm. So, even if there is an occasion where you are travelling that route, for any reason, and you are not in prayer or in meditation, you will automatically begin to feel a sense of peace or calm, the same feelings you have when you are praying on that route.
This is why it is so important to be in joy or calm where ever you go. So you can leave these vibrations in that spot so it’s there for you the next time you come through. If you do this in enough places around your life, it will be much easier to get into a state of calm and peace where ever you go. Surrounding yourself in this state will uplift you, open new doors in your life, and lead to an increased sense of fulfillment.

Driving to Enlightenment

At some point, most of us have been caught in a traffic jam.  Either as the driver or a passenger.  This usually causes some form of anxiety to arise.  We become restless, just wishing the road ahead would clear so we can speed along and reach our intended destination on time.

Traffic jams are actually an excellent opportunity to create some peace and calm within yourself.  I have found that it has become and isolated time for me to get my meditation in and to practice being completely present in the moment.  The easiest way for me to get into this zone is by simply staring into the horizon.  After a few seconds of doing this, I begin to notice how beautiful the horizon, sky and clouds look.  It doesn’t matter what type of weather it is, it always looks beautiful.  A overcast sky with different shades of clouds can look very soothing. This process becomes the gateway through which I develop a sense of awe and understanding of my place in that moment.  That I am just a speck in this great universe.  That the world just goes on and on, and that you cannot see an end to the horizon ahead.  This understanding creates appreciation of your place in the universe and the fact that there is something greater out there.  Something more powerful, something intelligent.  The beauty of nature takes hold within you and you begin to feel an inner connection to the sky and clouds in front of you.  Here you are scurrying along trying to get to work on time, and you realize in the grand scheme of things, there is something much greater than this tiny anxious world you’ve created in your mind.  This simple realization alone will trigger calm within yourself.

So the next time your stuck in traffic, try this trick.  It may just open a door you never realized you had.