Feeling Bubbles

I once heard a story about how all our feelings come from bubbles. Sounds strange, I know, but bear with me for a few paragraphs…..thinking this way has greatly helped me deal with negative emotions and situations as they arise.

In any given scenario, we are always connected to a feeling bubble. Feeling bubbles are invisible bubbles which float close by, and each feeling bubble contains it’s own feeling type.

If we are feeling happy, we are connected to a bubble with happy feelings. If we are angry we are connected to a bubble containing feelings of anger. While connected, we are also contributing to the bubble making it bigger and stronger. This applies to all our feelings. If we are in rage, we are connected to an intense anger bubble and we contribute to the rage bubble inflating it exponentially. The stronger we hold a particular feeling, the the larger and more intense the bubble becomes.

The value in this is that we can connect to any bubble, at any time, in any given situation. So, let’s just say you have had an intense argument with your partner and you’re feeling miserable and angry. You are currently tapped into the angry bubble and possibly a few other feeling bubbles at the same time i.e. hurt, sadness, regret, etc…
In this situation, all you would need to do is remember that there are happy, calm, peaceful bubbles all around you. The next step would be to connect to one of these positive feeling bubbles. Visualize this connection as clearly as possible and watch how this begins to change your mood. Watch how you begin to feel better. Visualize the flow of positive feelings from the bubble, into you’re body, and then going back to the bubble. You and the bubble become a closed circuit so to speak where there is a continuous flow of the positive feeling between you and the bubble. That feeling bubble will begin to get bigger, stronger and more intense.

With practice, this process will become easier. Connecting to the positive feeling bubble will become easier, disconnecting from the negative feeling bubble will become easier. You will be able to transition from negative to positive
feeling bubbles more naturally and with less force. The negative feeling bubbles will also become smaller and less intense.
Most importantly you will begin to understand that you have the ability to control you’re emotions, at anytime, in any situation. That, with your intent, you can connect to a positive feeling bubble at any time. You will realize that you control you’re feelings and you’re feelings do not control you.

Another important aspect about contributing to the bubbles is that the more you feed a particular feeling bubble the bigger that bubble becomes and the less room there is for other bubbles. The other bubbles would have to be very small to fit into your vicinity since the larger bubble is taking up most of you’re personal space. You begin carrying that larger bubble closer to you and seem to always be connected to it. You are connected to it more frequently than any other bubble and, just as you feed the bubble, it begins to feed you as well. It begins to influence and affect your life. For example always being connected to a hate bubble will strengthen that bubble. The more hate you feel the more you are intensifying that bubble so that it becomes bigger and you become more strongly connected to it. It will also feed hate back you you. Therefore, you will be living in a hateful state more often and creating more hateful situations in your life.
On the opposite side, the same applies to feelings of love. If you are frequently connected to a love bubble, the stronger that bubble will become. It will grow bigger and displace the other feeling bubbles around you, so the most predominant feeling you will have is love. It will also feed love back to you so you are in a loving state more often and therefore will create more loving situations in your life.

Ultimately, how you feel, will dominate what happens in your life. Your feelings create your situations. You’re situations create your life.
So, which bubble do you want to stay connected too?

Jasminder Singh Riar

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The Secret to Happiness

The title of this article sounds cliche I’m sure. The secret to happiness is a topic that has long been written about many times over. Regardless, I am a firm believer that you can’t get enough of a good spiritual thing. So the more material there is out there on this topic the better.

Simply put, the secret for eternal peace and happiness comes in serving and loving our fellow human beings. It comes in the realization that we are in fact all one, and not separate. That we should do unto others as you would want done unto yourself.

In thinking and acting this way we reconnect to our true nature, which is that we are spiritual beings.
As spiritual beings, we are made of complete and unconditional love. Aligning our human selves with this love, simply by loving each other, opens our consciousness to the spirit world and allows joy and peace to enter into this world. The more we love and serve each other, the more peace and joy we will feel. This is when the world will begin to transcend into a more loving and spiritual state.

This begs the question “How do we show love to our fellow humans?” The best way is to love and forgive yourself first. Only then will it feel natural to love others without conditions or expectations. How can you truly love others, if you cannot love yourself first? If you cannot see your own infinite worth to the universe? Learning how to let go of guilt, low self esteem, or any issues holding you back will put you on this path. Loving yourself means treating yourself with kindness, understanding, compassion and care. It means believing with every singe part of your being that you are a spiritual being having a human experience and our mistakes are only here to make us deeper spirits. Once you see you’re worth, that you are a beautiful child of this universe, loved and valued infinitely, the abundance of the universe will be bestowed on you. You will begin feeling a truly loving connection to others that fills you up to overflowing with joy. The universe only wants to encourage this and will provide you with everything you could possibly need to keep it going.

Even if you, at this point, are unsure what I it means to love yourself, any action of love to others will have its own deep satisfaction. The universe gives back what it is given. If you give compassion, love and understanding, you will also receive these gifts. The more you give, the more will be returned exponentially to you.

To love others is not a complicated act. The universe has made it easy to love so that we can show it as much as possible. It consists of the very many small and big acts of kindness that are performed by so many of us every single day. Simply saying “Hi” to a passing stranger is an example. Helping someone who has dropped something, helping the elderly, holding the door open for someone…these are all acts of kindness which has in it a vibration of love for our fellow human.

When we one day leave our bodies and pass over to the other side it is only these types of actions and thoughts that will show how much our spirit has grown. How much love we’ve shown to others during our lifetime will be the only thing that matters. Not how popular we became, how much money we collected, or how influential we became. In the spirit world none of that matters. When it comes to these things we are all equal. Only those who have shown the most love shine brighter over there. A homeless man who performs selfless acts of love every day is more rich and helpful in this life than the richest man who does nothing. That homeless man is the glowing angel.

Many are of the opinion that money is the secret to happiness. That if we only had an endless supply or a certain amount of money, we would be eternally grateful.

Money is a manmade system, not spirit made. It will only buy the materialistic. Being man made and controlled by a few men, it is flawed. Money has no value to our true spirit. If we are able to recognize and feel this , we will no longer rely on money to give us happines. We will recognize its limits. We will be happy simply by being alive and present in the moment.

We forget that anything we could ever want is always there for us. We simply have to stay connected to our spirit and be in full knowing that the universe will provide all we need to fulfill our mission in this life. Permanent joy, happiness and peace are derived from the spiritual plane and can’t be bought. Deriving happiness comes through how in tune we are to our true spirit self and nature, not how much we have in the bank account. This can be achieved through actions that fill our soul. Most importantly through learning to love and serve humanity. This happiness will be far more deep, whole and fulfilling than anything money can buy.

Jasminder Singh Riar