Living in Awe and Wonder

I don’t want science to figure everything out.
I want wonder, I want questions for which there is no answer. I want to be unable to explain miracles. I want miracles to be miracles and only that. That there are answers that are bigger than what our mind can figure out. Questions that we will never figure out. Phenomena which are so grand that we simply live in its awe and beauty and we have no inclinations to reduce it to our thinking. Beauty, true beauty, exists there. Beauty, from which our best feelings in life are derived, cannot be processed by our minds, but only our hearts. When have you ever been able to satisfactorily explain in words, that which has touched you beyond measure? Never, never is the correct answer. There are no words for such feelings. It can only exist as feelings. It is beyond our mind, but only in our hearts. Once we know this much, we will know much, and it is all we will ever need to know.

Developing Your Awareness

What is awareness? It is you but not you. If you have one side of you that is suffering, it is the part of you that is not suffering. Awareness is the part of you that is watching that suffering. Therefore, there are 2 sides to you. The part that is experiencing emotion, and the part that is aware of the emotion. Why is this significant. Why is it important to know that there exists 2 sides to our being while we are here on this earth? It is because only 1 side is real and the other is not. The side that is real is our awareness. It is the side that is the watcher of our feelings, the side that is unaffected by emotions.

Is this not a relief? If you are suffering emotionally, is not this realization revolutionary? It is the part of you that is NOT suffering. The part of you that is not experiencing hate, anger, anxiety, jealousy, sadness, depression. It is the side of you that is wise and only at peace. Where there is no emotional opposites of happiness and sadness but rather a constant sense of well being.

Ultimately, life will lead us to this domain. It will have us searching and longing for no more emotional ups and downs, only a constant feeling of well being. We will ask how, how can we just live in peace? What does it take? How do we get there? Then you will feel the answer. The answer is to pay attention to the being who is always just peering over your shoulder but you have been blocking. How have you been blocking peace? By chasing desire. By trying to live in an artificial society. A society who’s standards are materialistic. Who commands that we chase money, that we try to appease corporations and our senses. This is the wrong path, but also the right path. I confusing you yet? How is the right path? Because it will push you to search for more. When you finally see the futility in chasing the material, desire, lust and substances you will know that there is only one way out. That way is to bring your awareness to the forefront. To know that the real you is always looking at the ego you. The ego you is the one that is suffering. That one that experiences a full range of emotions. The real you is loving you, and everything that you are going through. It is caressing you, teaching you, allowing you. It is allowing you to be, to make your choices…knowing that you are growing and that the ultimate goal of self love is right around the corner.

As you strengthen your awareness, that will soon become all you want. All you will want is to live in awareness of all your doing. Why? It is because you will have realized that becoming aware of all your emotions reduces its intensity. All the negative feelings will reduce, dissolve, go away. All the emotions that are non ego and true in life will remain. You will find love will stay, compassion will stay, generosity, kindness will stay. Sitting with these feelings long enough will give peace. Peace is the culmination of every God-pure emotion existing within you at once. From this peace will spring forth kindness and compassion. You will emanate it. All those around you will feel it without you even having to say a word. This will lead to your purpose in life. Your purpose will show itself and nothing else will matter more to you than to live in a constant state of your purpose. From here you will be on your path towards enlightenment. Nirvana will be around the corner, a corner which you will soon turn. Once you do you will embrace your true self. Your aware self.

Jasminder Singh Riar

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The Sanctity of Breathing and Prayer

It has long been known among spiritualists that focused breathing opens the doorway to our essence and true being. If focused enough, you will feel peace and love flowing through you. It is in this state that if you choose to pray, you’re prayer will at it’s most powerful. It is in this state that your prayer is not just words but also a feeling. You will be sending your prayer in the form of feelings into the universe. The universe responds accordingly to the clarity of our true thoughts and feelings.

Try your best to make all prayers from this state.  If you do so, it is offered in its clearest form. You will be giving the necessary fuel for your prayer to take it to the next level. Prayer in and of itself, from a scattered or desperate mind can work. The intensity of the prayer can be the fuel, but a calmed, silent praying mind is of a higher octane so to speak.

Also, in a state of relaxed breathing you receive the truth of your prayer. You will know if you truly want to make that prayer or not, whether its necessary. If it’s a selfish prayer you may realize that it is not necessary and that in fact everything is ok and will be ok. If it is a prayer for others , the mental clarity will arrive on how to phrase the prayer that makes it truly represent your feeling. Innately you will feel like you have made the most of your prayer.

Intense silent prayer is one of the most powerful ways to communicate and ask from the universe. With continued practice the harmony of your interaction with God will increase. You will synchronize your soul to the abundance of the universe. Prayers will be answered to the point that you will never need to ask for anything again.

Jasminder Singh Riar

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Spiritual Growth in the Workplace

Many of us spend a good portion of our day in the workplace, where we are regularly interacting with co-workers, clients, customers, patients, students etc.. These are people who we are not exceptionally close to but have some level of relationship with. We can also be tested by these individuals. They can challenge our patience, our goodwill or make use feel negative in some fashion. Maybe we feel betrayed, or feel like a situation has become unfair.

For those who are looking to develop spiritually, the workplace presents every opportunity to grow. It becomes a laboratory or testing ground. We can change our usual tactics and reactions to various circumstances and see what happens. For example, where we would normally respond with anger or irritability we can instead try rising above the situation by showing understanding, compassion or kindness.

Then we can see what happens, see how we feel when the situation plays out. If you find that you are more calm, less irritated, or that your anger is not “sticking” with you, then you will have found a new route that you can choose should a similar situation arise in the future.

When we go to work, most of our focus becomes on performing the job itself rather than the quality of the interactions we have with others. In some cases how we treat our coworkers is secondary to performing the job. As long as we get our job done and the bosses are happy then that’s all that matters even if we have to mistreat a few people to get there. The job becomes more important than how we treat our colleagues.

But, what if we went to work with a different mindset, where our goal was to treat all those in our workplace with compassion and understanding. How do you think this would affect you? How do you think it would affect your performance? More importantly, how do you think it would affect others? If this is a path you have not tried before then why not try? If it benefits you and others then would it not be worth it?

When you begin this practice you will feel less lingering irritation and an increased sense of peace. The positive outcomes will far outgrow the negative. Your performance will improve. You will gain a natural respect from others. With continued practice, your job will feel like a natural and enjoyable place to be. You will be benefitting others and thereby benefitting from your own actions. Reverse the priorities and you will find that all levels of your performance will improve. This will lead to opportunities you most likely never thought possible.

Jasminder Singh Riar

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Don’t Think, Just Be

Dont think, just be. Thinking is separation, being is oneness. Thinking is anxiety, sadness depression, worry. Being is calm, peace, love and joy. Let it go. Whatever thoughts are in your mind let it go. You are beyond thought, you are being and nothing else.

As humans, we are only meant to just be and to realize that that is all we are here to do. Simply focusing on that fact will bring God into this world. You are the doorway to bring Heaven to earth, the door just needs to be opened. Once the door opens, even just a little bit or for a little while, then you will know, then you will feel. You will know what steps you are supposed to take in this life. You will feel guidance being given to you from a different dimension. All of your life will make sense, you will have direction, you will feel a purpose. You will realize that all you needed to do was appreciate your existence to achieve everything you ever needed.

Our physical brains were never designed to understand the true reality. We where only meant to exist and to learn to recognize that fact. The less we speak from a point of knowing the better. The more we realize how much we do not know the better. Try it an realize it for yourself. Focusing on your existence in this exact moment will stop your incessant stream of thinking. Give up on trying to figure everything out. Just be in the moment and grasp onto the fact that you simply exist and how this is a wonderful fact.

See how this effects you. See how your breathing slows, it becomes deeper. How suddenly there is less weight in your emotions and a release of much of what you thought was serious in this life. Practice this. See how much you improve over time.

The better you get at focusing on the simple fact that you exist the more fulfillment you will feel in this life. The more you will understand that permanent peace of mind is about simplicity, not complexity, that joy is here and now, and not in some distant future.

Jasminder Singh Riar

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The Benefit of Conscious Breathing

Focusing on your breathing is a simple, easy and powerful way to keep calm. Keeping genuinely calm is a powerful way to be healthy….mentally, physically and emotionally.

Since breathing happens automatically, we do not pay attention to it. We do not recognize the fact that we are capable of regulating and controlling it at any given moment. Most of us only see it as necessary to live, when in reality it can serve a much more grand purpose. It is, in fact, one doorway to peacelful and joyful living.

With this being the case, should we not enhance the practice of the very act that keeps us alive? Does it not make sense that tuning into what keeps us alive must also be the very path to finding out who we truly are? Should we not incorporate healthy breathing into our life rather than continuing with the short anxiety ridden breathes we take throughout our day?

A healthy breath is long and protracted. The body benefits from slower and deeper breathing rather than faster and shallow breathing. If you can simply train your body to breath in such a manner, every part of you will remain more calm.

Deep breathing is a slower course of breathing. The amount of times your lungs expand and contract in a certain period of time is often related to how tense you are feeling. Shallow short breaths means more tense, deeper and longer breaths means more calm.

Experiment with this. Notice your breathing during an intense moment at work, where you are trying to get as many things done as possible or doing many things at the same time.
Notice your breath.
Notice how shallow it is. Notice how it is about half way to a full blown panic attack. Once you catch it you can control it. Immediately start making sure that your breath becomes deeper. See how this causes the tension and stress in your mind and body to dissipate. It is upto you how much you would like the feeling of well being to improve in that moment. The longer you’re awareness and attention is placed on your breathing the more stress you will be relieving. The less attention you pay to this the less amount of stress you will be releasing.

Ultimately, the goal is to make your body automatically go into conscious breathing mode during the most unlikely moments of your day. Especially at the seemingly most intense and stressful moments. Breath, let your body relax and then see how you feel about the situation. See that although the task at hand is important, it is no longer consuming you. You are no longer the task but rather the one dealing with the task. You have control over it and it does not control you.

Making sure that each breath is as deep as possible will remove most of the daily feelings of stress in your life. It will be replaced with a lighter feeling, a feeling in which this moment does not dictate whether you live or die, but rather whether you are enjoying life as it comes or not.

Jasminder Singh Riar



You Are Always Forgiven

The nature of the mind is to think. Much of what our mind thinks about is other people. Family members, friends and aquaintances. We are always thinking of others, but how much do we think of ourselves?

Although we tend to deeply think about others, we tend to not deeply think about ourselves. We avoid thinking about ourselves because we are afraid to think about what we’ve said or done that has caused harm to others. In the deepest parts of our psyche we do not believe we can reconcile this. That there is no way out, that what is done is done and we are guilty until death. If we think deeply about ourselves we will be thinking of parts of ourself that we dont like, or worse yet, that we hate. In essence we do not forgive oursleves.

To some extent we live in a constant state of doubt or regret. Regret is poisonous in that it can prevent us from growing into full and complete beings.
If we knew who we really were, where we came from and what we are made of then hate for oursleves would never exist. If we knew that we were always unconditionally loved, by God, then we would hold no ill will to ourselves. We would see that we are infinite beings with infinite potential, who are one with everything around us including God.

A common roadblock to spiritual growth is not seeing our value. Know that regardless of what you have said or done, in this life, you are forgiven. Once you pass from this world, and you see your life story, the only being that will be judging you is you. God will be with you as well but He will be all forgiving. He will love you for the simple fact that you exist. All that you’ve been through on this earth, on this plane of existence will be seen through the eyes of unconditional forgiveness. You are always forgiven.

If God forgives you, then why would you not forgive yourself. If God sees you as worthy then why would you not see yourself worthy? We are extensions of God like a ray of sunlight is an extension of the sun. A ray of sunlight is just that, and it does not ever feel alone or isolated or confused. It just exists and is always connected to the Sun. So should we be. We should just exist as an extension of God. We are not alone, we need not be confused or feel alone. Our purpose is there already…to exist as an extension of God. To exist in this state is to exude love, kindness, and compassion. To heal with our presence by bringing the light of love to this world.

Love can only be brought to this world if we love ourself first and loving ourself means forgiving yourself unconditionally. The more you can love yourself the more you can love others. Once you achieve this, you will have achieved your purpose and there will be no doubt in it.

Jasminder Singh Riar

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Always There With You 

One of the greatest human misconceptions is that in the death of a loved one, we lose that person forever. 
This person is not lost, but in fact closer to you now than they ever where. It is only In spirit form that a soul is able to combine with our soul, which is the most powerful way to lift us up.

This is not to say that we should not grieve. Everyone must go through the process of grieving. It is cathartic and healing, but in order truly help ourselves, when we are able, it would be in our favor to allow ourselves to start believing that the loved one is still with us. We can do this by becoming more aware of our grief rather than becoming consumed by grief. Using the power of awareness to simply watch our grief is the single most powerful way to commute the pain of grieving into a path that allows us to feel the presence of our departed loved one all the time. This in itself is healing and can allow us to make sense of physical death.

In reality, this person is now closer to you than ever before. It is only in the spirit form that a soul can easily love unconditionally. Therefore this person is loving you non-stop with an unconditional love that is so divine in nature, that it can only be brought from God’s realm. The way to feel this is to clear our minds from emotional turmoil and chatter. Once this is done you WILL feel the divine presence of the loved one.

The single biggest impediment to feeling this healing love is being consumed by emotions that keeps our minds clogged. When we don’t try to clear this path, we have a difficult time keeping in touch with the person we miss so much. Once a mind let’s go of emotional or mental burden, it will become a receiver of the love and goodwill being sent to us from our loved one.

So never believe your loved one is gone. They are always there, showering you with love and healing vibrations. We just need to clear our minds and allow their presence in our life.

Jasminder Singh Riar
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Super Moments

Staring into your child’s eyes, sitting on an outcrop overlooking a brightly coloured forest, letting a beautiful flower catch your eye, hearing the soothing voice of someone you love, staring at the stars, laughing so hard that you feel like your going to explode, feeling blessed and grateful for so much in your life, listening to music which moves you unlike anything else in your life.
These are all what I call super moments. The best moments of your life which bring feelings that you cannot describe in words. That to do so would be diminishing or making less the spectacular feeling of the moment.
The only way you can truly feel this moment is by absorbing it, to allow the beauty that is this moment to sit inside of you. Focus on the feeling and allow yourself to feel it more. The more awareness you bring to it the more you will be allowing yourself to feel joy.
The reason you cannot describe a super moment is because you are not meant too. There are actually no proper words that can describe these moments. It is because the super moment is not meant to be described, it is only meant to be felt. It is at the level of feeling where the power of these moments reveals itself. It is during these moments our conscious vibration rises to a level that is one with our spirit, where there are no words, no thinking, no fragmentation of the mind. It is just the present moment and the beauty which you are feeling in this moment.
These moments are doors to our higher selves. The super moment is here to teach us that this is who we truly are and this is how it feels to exist in our spiritual form. Only our thoughts bring us back to our so called reality. Where we suddenly let thinking and worrying, of plans, errands, duties, the future, the past, snap us out of our blissful super moment.
These moments are here to remind us that we are not our thinking minds. We are not worry, tension, stress, frustration, anger. That we are what we feel during our super moment. Once we truly feel, know and practice it, we will become it, permanently.
Our souls are destined for it.

Jasminder Singh Riar

Finding Your Spiritual Path

When you do something that gives you a sense of calm and peace, it is an access point to your true spirit.

Whether it be an activity like working out, listening to music, focused breathing, or meditating, whatever it is that brings you a sense of calm and peace is your path to a more spiritual existence.

But why would you want to become more spiritual? What’s the point in connecting to that side of our life? It is because that is who we truly are. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We have only become lost in It. We are here to try to reconnect, build our faith and find our way back to our spirit soul.

For as long as we do not do this, we will always feel something is missing. That to a certain extent we are empty, knowing that there is something greater in life. The only way to fill that void is to become permanently connected to our spiritual side. To become connected is to know that we are made of love and that we are always in God’s embrace. Having this knowledge flow through every part of our being will make us whole again. It is our duty to discover this.

But God has given us free will. To live our life as we choose. As such, many people find other ways to fulfill this void. They may form an addiction to a substance or an activity. They may become controlling believing that control in one’s life will reduce our sense of fear of the unknown. Living outside of faith creates fear and fear based living can cause us to hurt others and ourselves.

Eventually, after enough exposure to pain and negative consequences of our actions, we pray. We scream to God, whether we believe in God or not, because we have no where else to turn. He becomes our last hope. Then with a sincere enough effort, our life turns towards him. We finally have allowed God back in our life. We have cracked the door open, even ever so slightly, to allow His spirit to enter. We begin to understand that the only way through this existence, to be able to feel peace and love in our world, is by keeping our soul and body constantly in tune with His Love and energy.

Once we begin to do this we will become automatically aligned and redirected to our life purpose and we will find permanent joy.

Jasminder Singh Riar
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